Raji Eid
Sanitation Supervisor, Major Midwest Bakery
“I have worked with Jim Henningsen, our Chem Sale 247service rep, since 2012. Jim is an important contributor to the success of our sanitation chemical program.
Successful and efficient food processing plant sanitation is vital to our company’s success.
I appreciate Jim’s assistance with troubleshooting chemical dispensing equipment and chemical titrations to assure that we are using the proper and required amount of cleaning chemicals and sanitizers.
Through regular sanitation chemical service calls, chemical SDS, use & safety training and assistance with SSOPs, Jim provides excellent assistance & support to assure that we exceed our expectations.”

Kim Kuhnle
Kuhnle Trucking
“Our job as a chemical hauler means that we have the toughest challenges in the chemical business. After trying other suppliers, I have to say that we love working with Chem Sales 247. We have saved money and time because of the expertise of their professional staff and the quality of their products. We’d highly recommend them to anyone in the chemical business.”

“We have found Chem Sales 247 to be a highly professional company, that always deliver on time and are a good company to work with. We’ve developed a partnership with them over a number of years and they are always happy to help. They are very customer-focussed and have helped us out on a number of projects over the years – from providing techical advice during the development stage to obtaining specialty chemicals for complex processes.”

Senior chemist
“Chem Sales 247 offer a high quality, professional yet friendly and prompt service. They’re knowledgeable about their products and the applications they can be used in. I’ve dealt with them on a number of occasions and always found them a pleasure to work with, we always get what we want from them”.